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Raised in Forest Acres and Columbia, SC. 29 years old. A Southern Rebel with a drive to change the world with Morality

About Me

My Life:

There is a lot to know about what I have only done for 29 years of My Life and I am just getting started.Many of my skills and hobbies include things like helping others realistically coming together or rather standing independently willing to see a better picture of The White Light of Morality in and through Me as a Holy human being.

I have a strong foundation in Morality and what God gave me. The bsics of what I have done for the past couple of decades, I have been drumming for 16.5 years, working jobs since I was 15, first job at Chick-Fil-A 2-notch road to my last 'official' job at The Hampton Inn. I also have two books published under Stephen Lutfy on amazon.com (The Manifesto: You are Chosen / Moral Supremacy: The Revolution for God). I also like to work out occassionally, do a triathalon on the bike every so often, drink a warm cup of coffee with a cigarette year round' while resting when I can from a hard days work. I can do small maintenance projects to yard work all day every day. And I never give up and live life to the fullest!

Forest Acres Yards

I started Forest Acres Yards October 29, 2017. Now that I have my own business to run, I want to make sure your yard is taken care of year round to where it stands out throughout Forest Acres and Columbia. I like to work hard and demonstrate throughout my abilities that I am the best yard man out there for you. I have over 15 years experience of working yard services for others since I was 13 years old and cut my first yard. Forest Acres Yards is a growing business where I have 28 customers in the first 60 days of the operation.


Stephen Christopher Lutfy

Stephen Lutfy Inc.

Stephen Lutfy Inc. is a 100% Privately-Owned Corporation of Business run by Myself as CEO and does employ anyone while collaborating with the free market of the United States. I do not sacrifice My earnings with State or Federal taxation services unless under contract to do so by the business employeed with; which currently is not the case. I believe the business I run should remain free from Government who does not proportion taxes to the designed areas of need the most, rather steals and pockets the money on high end public-private business deals unknown to the general public while creating trillions in State and Federal debt. So to keep my earning safe, I pay my fair share of taxation to private corporations and businesses under the U.S. Government with the services they provide rather than sharing with Government itself. Lastly, I believe My Private Corporation should not be tampered with in terms of irrationality and deviation of net gain and profit at the end of every day while I remain a Private Citizen away from Government. I am John Galt.

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Hours of Operation

Feel free to reach out to Me anyway possible on the information on my website. Have an awesome day Yal!


Stephen Lutfy Inc.




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