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Born & Raised in Columbia and Forest Acres, South Carolina. 30 years old. Live Life to the Fullest and Never Give Up!!!

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August - September News

8/23/18: The first unofficial day of Fall turned overnight and into the afternoon with a cool-cool breeze. I ended up sleeping in to 2p.m. this afternoon, kind of felt over-worked considering I worked the business 15/21 days in the past 3 weeks. and decided to edit the website and make it more customer friendly for fans or simply put Good People! Good always defeats evil, never forget that Yal. Anyways, today was a big 'rest' day, I work Myself like an athlete everytime I do a yard and with that said today I have the front door open listening to traffic and soaking in this Columbia weather. I also renewed StephenLutfy.com for another year through godaddy.com and with that said, expect more news to follow whether from Forest Acres Yards or Myself as a Truth-Justice seeker and activist. Right now, I have 2 Rockstar Energy drinks (Fruit Punch- My favorite) and a pack of smokes (Marlboro Red 100s) by My side as I type out what may happen in the future with Life as We know (Lessons)/Myself!!! I have really grown up a lot from doing yard work yal, really taught Me that Life is no game, rather how You can improve Yourself being sociable and Independent; while loving the Good in Things. I believe 'Good' is where We as a Society need to strive towards when practicing Morality. Whether from a night-time prayer to before We start the day, it's important to get all of Our convictions off of Our shoulders as the saying goes. It's dire that We strive (the "Good" strive) to make things around us feel special, Holy, appreciated, well-taken care of, happy, to where Life becomes Fun! When Life becomes Fun, We simply put become 'Happier' and want the best for Ourselves (First) but then welcome Society with our Goodness! I believe society is struggling right now to where the psychology of those that believe in evil is trying to corrupt the 'Good' in U.S. to where we become angry and frustrated at the same thing everyday. What I say to that, is that You must experience this sort of ability to propel Yourself past the point of anger and enjoy the chaos rather than fight against it. Enjoy the chaos? What does that mean, Stephen? Well for example: When someone at school or work bothers you, they are trying to tell You something whether You believe it or not through a test to make us STRONGER. Literally everything is a Miracle. Sooo, appreciate it when Carolina fumbles the ball? Yes; but the defnse holds Clemson, and then We score a touchdown in a matter of Time. We must remain Positive. When I rake a yard that's 3/4ths an acre big, I become frustrated, sometimes and sometimes not, I think about the reward, I take a break, I go at it STRONGER and before I know it the struggling is finished. The chaos ended! NO more until tomorrow where the expectations are the same for You and Me and to where We all have a 1) Healthier Mind 2) Healthier Body 3) Realized Life is tough, and We must persevere to Survive then Prosper 4) Rest and Realize the day has ended and We can do what we want to have a Fun time and become more 'Happier through the chaos and struggling to where the 'Good' resonates throughout allof Society rather than just fragments. Soo, We all must work hard, before We have a fun time, then We can relax and know We did something that overcame hate, anger, immorality, the true tests to where The Lord wants U.S. to overcome with our abilities, actions, and Personality of knowing that FINITE MORALITY is the same thing He does to U.S. everyday we wake up to when We go to bed......Have a Great day and night Yal and remember The Lord loves US wherever We are in Our Lives and realize the test is hidden, sometimes not, in Miracles We have to work for to obtain 100% Happiness!!!

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About Me

My Life:

There is a lot to know about what I have only done for 30 years of My Life and I am just getting started. Many of my skills and hobbies include things like helping others realistically coming together or rather standing independently willing to see a better picture of The White Light of Morality in and through Me as a Holy Human Being.

I have a strong foundation in Morality and what God gave me. The basics of what I have done for the past couple of decades, I have been drumming for 17 years, working jobs since I was 15, first job at Chick-Fil-A 2-notch road to my last 'official' job at The Hampton Inn. I also have two books published under Stephen Lutfy on amazon.com (The Manifesto: You are Chosen / Moral Supremacy: The Revolution for God). I also like to work out ocassionally, do a triathalon on the bike every so often, drink a warm cup of coffee with a cigarette year round' while resting when I can from a hard days work. I can do small maintenance projects to yard work all day every day. And I never give up and live life to the fullest!

Forest Acres Yards

I started Forest Acres Yards October 30, 2017. Now that I have my own business to run, I want to make sure Your yard is taken care of to where it stands out throughout Forest Acres and Columbia. I like to work hard and demonstrate throughout my abilities that I am the best yard man out there for you. I have over 13 years experience of working yard services for others since I was 14 years old and cut my first yard. Forest Acres Yards is a growing business where I have 48 customers in the first 90 days of the operation. As well as for the first 6 Months I completed 78 yards. More to come for Forest Acres Yards as I recently got some yard signs made which You can see at My house and around Columbia/Forest Acres!


Stephen Christopher Lutfy

Stephen Lutfy Inc.

Stephen Lutfy Inc. is a 100% Privately-Owned Corporation of Business run by Myself as CEO and does employ anyone while collaborating with the free market of the United States. I do not sacrifice My earnings with State or Federal taxation services unless under contract to do so by the business employeed with; which currently is not the case. I believe the business I run should remain free from Government who does not proportion taxes to the designed areas of need the most, rather steals and pockets the money on high end public-private business deals unknown to the general public while creating trillions in State and Federal debt. So to keep my earning safe, I pay my fair share of taxation to private corporations and businesses under the U.S. Government with the services they provide rather than sharing with Government itself. Lastly, I believe My Private Corporation should not be tampered with in terms of irrationality and deviation of net gain and profit at the end of every day while I remain a Private Citizen away from Government. I am John Galt.

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Stephen.Lutfy@gmail.com (803-556-8094)

Hours of Operation

Feel free to reach out to Me anyway possible on the information on my website. Have an awesome day Yal!


Stephen Lutfy Inc.



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